Seeing Dead Person Alive in Dream Meaning

Seeing Dead Person Alive in Dream

Dreams are an interesting and often mysterious phenomena. They can be vivid, emotional, strange, and confusing. One dream that can be particularly confusing is dreaming of a dead person alive. This type of dream can have many possible meanings, depending on the context, setting, and other details from the dream. Possible meanings of dreaming of … Read more

Symbolism of Hourglass and Its Meanings

Symbolism of Hourglass

Hourglasses are a device used to measure time. It consists of two connected glass bulbs with a narrow passage between them. The passage is filled with sand or another material that must be emptied from one bulb to the other in order to measure a certain amount of time. Hourglasses are often used as decorative … Read more

Symbolism of Windows and Its Meanings

symbolism of windows

Windows in houses are openings in walls or doors that allow light and air to enter the interior, while also providing an area to look outside. They are typically framed in wood, aluminum, or vinyl and are usually glazed with a single or double layer of glass. Symbolism of Windows Windows are a powerful symbol … Read more

Figs Symbolism and Meaning


Have you ever wondered what figs symbolize? If you’re like most people, you probably think of them as simply a delicious fruit. But did you know that figs have been used throughout history as a symbol of fertility, abundance, and prosperity? In this blog post, we’ll explore the symbolism and meaning of figs. We’ll discuss … Read more

The Cottonwood Tree Symbolism and Meaning

cottonwood tree

The cottonwood tree is a symbol of growth and new beginnings. Its soft, white wood is perfect for carving, and its branches are strong enough to support a swing. The cottonwood tree is also a symbol of hope and resilience. In many cultures, the cottonwood tree is planted near homes to protect against evil spirits. … Read more

Sisterhood Symbolism and Meaning

Sisterhood Symbolism

Dreams are often interpreted for their hidden meanings and messages. But what about the symbols and meanings that arise from our relationships with other women? In this article, we explore the symbolism of sisterhood in dreams and life, and what it might mean for you. The Importance of Sisterhood Sisterhood is a powerful force. It … Read more

Loneliness Symbolism and Meaning

Loneliness Symbolism

Dreams have been a source of fascination for humanity since the beginning of time. They are often seen as a window into our subconscious, revealing hidden desires and fears. Loneliness is a common theme in dreams, often appearing as a symbol of isolation or feelings of being lost. But what does loneliness mean in dreams? … Read more

Sweat Symbolism and Meaning

Sweat Symbolism

Sweat is often seen as something negative. We associate it with guilt and embarrassment, but in the world of symbolism, that belief is not always the case. Symbolism of Sweat In many spiritual circles, sweat is interpreted quite differently. It can be seen as associated with purification, extra energy, compassion, and love. This is not … Read more

Bullet Symbolism and Meaning

Bullet Symbolism

Ever wondered what the symbolism of bullet is? Continue reading as we will briefly explore what the bullet symbolism represents. Surely you’ll get a better idea of what it means. Symbolism of Bullet A bullet symbolizes power, death, and violence. The above statement was derived from various cultures in history. In the Book of Revelations, … Read more

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