Sweat is often seen as something negative. We associate it with guilt and embarrassment, but in the world of symbolism, that belief is not always the case.

Symbolism of Sweat

In many spiritual circles, sweat is interpreted quite differently. It can be seen as associated with purification, extra energy, compassion, and love.

This is not to say that sweat has to always be taken as a positive sign. If you find it counterproductive, that’s completely normal. But you don’t always have to ignore the meaning there, either.

Sweat Meaning in Dreams

Sweating in dreams is actually a very normal occurrence. Dreams related to sweat may be no different than dreams related to peeing, taking a shower, or wetting the bed.

Sweating dreams often occur for two reasons:

It’s natural.

We make sweat every day. In fact, your body produces about 2.5 liters of sweat every day, so it’s completely normal for your body to sweat while you sleep. Our brain often interprets sweat as danger (possibly exhaustion), so it’s common for us to have a sweat dream when we’re tired.

It’s contextual.

Dreams often represent things happening in our lives (i.e., physically sweating) or things happening to us in our lives (i.e., fear sweating). So, if you’re sweating in your dreams, it’s likely that something in your life is making you sweat.

In both cases, interpretation about sweat dreams is similar to the interpretations about other similar dream themes. So, if you’re wondering what your sweat dreams might mean, keep reading.

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